DFY Real Estate Google Adwords Leads

Do you want to have success that other real estate agents are having with Google adwords and just aren't getting it?

Do you not trust internet marketers and want to deal with a real estate agent who is currently using adwords in his own business?

Well look no further, this service is for you.  I've literally been asked by dozens of real estate agents if I could do their online marketing for them, and due to time constraints I haven't been able to do so, until now.

There are no secrets in this, I put out tons of free information on youtube that you can learn all about adwords, if you want things a little more concise and put together I offer a course to teach you about adwords... But if you are not technical and do not want to do it OR just do not have the time, then I will do them for you. There is no commitment, completely month to month, if you are not satisfied you can cancel at any time, no questions.

Like I've mentioned in most of my videos, I am not an internet guru or someone who knows EVERYTHING about online marketing. I am constantly learning everyday and applying things I'm learning to my business but I have grown my entire real estate business off of online advertising and I have shared that information with you on youtube and on facebook... which is why you trust me enough to have read this far into the page.

Unlike most services, this price is the only price you pay per month. This includes your ad spend. There are no other fees associated with this service, you just sit back and work leads as they sign up on your website.

When purchasing this, I will have a 1 on 1 call with you to see what your goals are for using google adwords and how I can help you accomplish them by tailoring your ads specifically to you.

Before purchasing this, you must have some sort of lead generating website. I recommend using one with an IDX integration but we can work without it.


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